Board Of Trustees

Mr. Anil Chandirani

Chairman at Shewa Clinic

Mr. Anil Chandirani is the founder of Satguru Travels. He has one of the main role in developing and establishing Shewa Clinic. He has great support   towards Shewaram Lalchandani Charitable Trust as a Trustee and Prime Donor. He guides us time to time as how to grow things and work for the welfare of the needy.


Mr. Prakash Lalchandani

Chairman at Shewa Clinic

Mr. Prakash Lalchandani is the co founder of Satguru travels. He has initiated and developed the Shewa Clinic, the group of Shewaram Lalchandani Charitable Trust Ajmer. He is one of the main contributors in developing various departments in Shewa Clinic like physiotherapy, dental and many more. Lots of needy people are being helped during their sufferings by the helpful hand of him.


Miss Asha Lalchandani

Managing Trustee at Shewa Clinic

Miss Asha Lalchandani is the manager at Shewa Clinic and is a part of Shewaram Lalchandani Charitable Trust as a Trustee. She is responsible for all the activities held at or by Shewa Clinic. All the departments are being managed and controller by her. She is taking a lead role in arranging Blood Donation Camps, Charity Activities, Donations and Educational Activities for the children.


Mr. Raja Tharwani

PRO at Shewa Clinic

Mr. Raja Tharwani is the director and  co founder of Satguru Arcade Pvt. Ltd.  He is part of  one of the renowned group of builders in Ajmer. His contribution to Shewa Clinic as a Trustee is remarkable. He is responsible for maintaining public relations for the trust. Other than this he also helps in organizing the campaigns to help people like medical camps and blood donation camps.


Mr. Suresh Nankani

Treasurer at Shewa Clinic

Mr. Suresh Nankani is the part of Shewaram Lalchandani Charitable Trust as the Treasurer and takes care of the finances and taxations of the Shewa  Clinic. He is responsible for financial transactions held at Shewa Clinic.


Smt Janki Tharwani

Vice Chairman at Shewa Clinic

Smt Janki Tharwani is the Vice President of Shewaram Lalchandani Charitable Trust.