Mr. Anil Chandirani

Founder Satguru Group

Mr. Anil Chandirani is the prime donor to Shewaram Lalchandani Charitable Trust. His contribution to the trust and Shewa Clinic is outstanding. He not only raised funds for our trust but also guided us in many ways through which we did the things much better.

Mrs. Mala Chandirani

Mrs Mala Chandirani has the great contribution in development of Shewa Clinic. She has donated the Ambulance Van to Shewa Clinic which is helpful in emergency situations. She initiated many Charity and Medical Camps in the village or rural sides of Ajmer for the welfare of people in backward sections.

Mr. Santosh Punjabi

Mr. Santosh Punjabi is helping Shewa Clinic to grow to its best. He has large contribution in Shewa Clinic in the development of General Physician and Dental Department. He has donated the required assets that are needed in the operations of these medical departments. He also raise funds whenever some new assets or any upgrade is required .

Mr. Surendra Singh Choudhary

The reason behind the success of Physiotherapy Department is Mr. Surendra Singh Choudhary. He has given hearty contribution in Physiotherapy Department at Shew Clinic Ajmer. He has donated towards the assets required in build up of Physiotherapy Department.