Activities in Shewa Clinic


At Shewa Clinic, we understand our responsibilities and thus supports the local communities in variety of ways for example arranging Charity Events, Raising Funds and Organizing Blood Donation Camps and Medical Camps. Realizing all this, Shewa Clinic has adopted the approach with intensive programmes focused on family health, livelihood and community engagement. Shewa Clinic organizes many camps and these camps are the platforms for the people to understand SHEWA CLINIC's  vision and mission. Through these events we reach large number of people and provide health checkups  to them.

Activity Glance

Free Medical Camps

The topmost priority of Shewa Clinic is health administration. This is the reason we have well developed non profit Clinic named Shewa Clinic developed under Shewaram Lalchandani Charitable Trust. We have not stopped only at our Clinic, spreading the same health care is a part of the mission. To Accomplish this we have arranged many Free Medical Camps in Urban and Rural Areas. By these camps we are able to administer health of poor people, and we provide non chargeable medications, consultation and prescription to those people. Some of the medical Camps that were organized were : -

Medical Camp At Makarwali Village
Medical Camp at Lohagal Village

Blood Donation Camps

Shewa Clinic organizes Blood Donation Camps regularly and they also promote this event so people can actively participate in it. Last Two Blood Donation Camps have been held in Shewa Clinic premises  itself and we have received great response from the people of Ajmer. The response in the latter one was better than the first blood donation camp.  In both the camps we have received more than 150 participant each, which is a great response in city of  Ajmer. Every time we organize a blood donation camp we are assisted by a  team of Doctors, Nurses and Helping Staffs to take care of the necessary tasks. After successful camps, more will be planned to be organized.

Blood Sugar Test Facility

The influx of patients has increased as the morning shift begins blood sugar test facility.... the usual buzz of activity.

Physiotherapy Machine For Patients

Shewa Clinic Has A Coveted Pride In Providing Free This Unique Physio Machine For Patients. One Of Its Kind In Ajmer, It Offers Various Diverse Exercises...!

Physiotherapy Camp At Ajmer

On the occasion of World Physiotherapy Day, Shewa Clinic organized a successful camp and talk show. Experience Physiotherapist Dr. Priya surana made reference to useful physio gadgets & also cleared doubts of the audience. We seek your good wishes to continue our crusade in serving the humanity.

                  For Kerela Flood Victims

                     Shewa Clinic has generously distributed 15000 Kgs of Parboiled Rice to distribute among the Kerala Flood Victims, we printed to distribute 10 kgs of Parboiled Rice (10 kg bags x1500 =total 15000 KGS)

Daily Activities at Shewa Clinic Panchsheel Nagar & Bhagwan Ganj

World Physiotherapy Day 2021 

We also provide below services.

Oxygen   Concentrator
Body Refrigerator Freezer
Hearse Van etc......

you can call us on below numbers.

+91 84420 03666
+91 70141 45988
+91 6376426600

आज शेवा क्लिनिक पर मधुमेह और आँखों की निशुल्क जांच की गयी साथ ही ज़रुरतमदो को चश्मे पहनाये.
सेवा ही जीवन
शेवा क्लिनिक

आज हमारे दोनो शेवा क्लिनिक से(अपना घर आश्रम) मे मूक एँव बधिर विद्यालय के बच्चों से मिले और उनके दांतो की जांच की गयी Dr Rajendra Heda जी के सहयोग से हो सका.यहा पर ज़िन बच्चों को दवाई और इलाज की ज़रुरत हैं वो शेवा क्लिनिक द्वारा हमारी Dr Kusum Simlote इनका इलाज करेंगी.

आज CRPF के पास बंदिया गांव से आयी माहिलाओ से मिले उनसे बात की, साथ ही आँखों की जांच की और चश्मे पहनाये,


आज दिनांक 7th जनवरी 2022 को शेवा क्लिनिक पर रक्तदान शिविर का आयोजन किया गया ,सभी अजमेर वासियो ने अच्छा सहयोग दिया साथ ही JLN blood bank से आये सभी टीम का हार्दिक आभार इस महान कार्य मे उनका सहयोग सरहानिय रहा.


समाज सेवा के क्षेत्र मे जनसेवा कर अपनी पहचान बनाने वाली शेवाराम लालचन्दानी चेरिटेबल की मेनेजिंग ट्रस्टी आशा लालचन्दानी मैडम को वूमेनऑफ़द_फ्यूचर अवार्ड से सम्मानित होने पर हार्दिक बधाई एवं शुभकामनायें।

5th फरवरी 22 को शेवा क्लिनिक पर निशुल्क स्वास्थ्य परामर्श शिविर लगाया गया, साथ ही BMD जांच शिविर भी लगाया गया अजमेर के काफी लोगो ने इसका लाभ उठाया.


अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय महिला दिवस के उपलक्ष्य में श्री शेवाराम लालचंदानी चैरिटेबल ट्रस्ट की ओर से भगवान गंज स्थित शेवा क्लीनिक पर निशुल्क दंत एव् नेत्र चिकित्सा शिविर लगाया ,ज़िसमे इसाई मौहल्ला आगनवाड़ी और आसपास की महिलाओ ने शिविर का लाभ उठाया.



सेवा ही जीवन का उदेश्य से शेवा क्लिनिक पर कोई कपड़े और अनाज देकर गये..जो शेवा टीम के सहयोग से बताये गये कुछ ज़रुरतमंद को वितरित किये गये.
शेवा क्लिनिक टीम

BMD camp at Shewa clinic Panchsheel Ajmer